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Housing Plans

Inclusionary Zoning Bylaws/Ordinances

During 2017, both the Town of Medfield and the City of Everett obtained services from Community Opportunities Group, Inc. to assist in the creation, drafting, editing, and passage of inclusionary zoning. Medfield’s bylaw was developed in partnership with their Senior Housing Committee, Affordable Housing Committee, Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee, Planning Board, and Board of Selectmen. Their Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw was adopted at Spring Town Meeting in May 2017. In Everett, inclusionary zoning was identified as a critical need within their 2015 Housing Production Plan. The City is working to ensure that its residents see the benefits of increased development activity and are not left behind or priced out. Their inclusionary Zoning Ordinance was passed by City Council in April 2017, and COG currently provides technical assistance to review affordable housing applications.

Project dates: 2017

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