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Envision Easton Master PlanEaston, Massachusetts

In partnership with Horsley Witten, Community Opportunities Group undertook the first visioning process and update of Easton’s Master Plan since 1971. Branded as “Envision Easton” the Master Plan asked the community what Easton should be like in the future, and then laid out a path to achieve that vision, drawing on Easton residents, businesses and organizations to define the vision, ideas and objectives. Ms. Cameron and Ms. Starling prepared baseline analyses, goals, objectives, and strategies for the Demographic, Housing, and Economic Development Elements of the Master Plan. The strategies were developed through a collaborative process involving quantitative analysis and capacity assessments, public outreach, and meetings with topic-specific working groups comprised of key stakeholders focused on identifying formative issues and priorities. The project was completed over two years, adhering to a schedule established by the client and lead consultant.

Project Dates: 2012-2014

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