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A.J. Sitkowski School DispositionWebster, Massachusetts

COG has worked with the Town of Webster for many years on a range of community development initiatives. In 2008, the Town of Webster hired us to lead the disposition of one of its former schools.

Built in 1904 and expanded in the late 1920s, the A. J. Sitkowski School is a brick building with 85,000 square feet of gross floor area. The school is connected to the Webster Town Hall, and the buildings share many utilities.

COG wrote zoning to create an overlay district, assisted the town in completing an appraisal and environmental assessment, and hired engineers, architects, and attorneys to create subdivision and utility separation plans and legal documents for property conveyance. We prepared a Request for Proposals (RFP) detailing the project specifics and evaluation criteria for selecting a developer and marketed the development opportunity.

After Webster received several responses to the RFP, COG provided technical assistance to the Town throughout the proposal review process. Webster selected Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, a community development corporation from East Boston, to redevelop the Sitkowski School into sixty-six units of affordable elderly housing and a senior center. We have continued to work as the Town’s advisors during the development process.

Throughout the project, COG worked with the Town and the larger community to balance diverse interests and concerns about the future of one of Webster’s most prominent buildings. Our efforts helped the town come together to see the building as a primary asset in the ongoing evolution of the community.

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