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PlanningMaster Planning, Neighborhood, & Topical Planning

COG creates highly customized and implementable master plans for cities and towns. We produce balanced strategies for growth that address current and future development needs while protecting the irreplaceable natural and cultural assets of a place.  We value participatory planning involving community members, leaders, and stakeholders, which results in a more effective plan as well a sense of ownership which facilitates implementation. No two of our master plans are alike: they reflect the specific needs, conditions, and cultures of the communities we serve. Over the years, we have tailored our master plans to address unique, pressing community concerns such as governance, the built environment, and housing policy.

In addition to full town-wide master plans, we prepare a variety of strategic plans focused on specific topics or neighborhoods and target areas, such as economic development, housing, and open space and recreation. If needed, we also provide project information, presentations, and meeting materials in translation for limited English proficient populations so that everyone can participate with confidence.

These services relate closely to our Community Development Planning practice.