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PlanningDevelopment Impact Analysis

COG is a highly respected practitioner of fiscal and economic impact analysis. We assist local officials with reviewing major development proposals, both residential and commercial, by analyzing impacts on municipal services, infrastructure, and public schools. Our clients include planning boards, boards of appeal, boards of selectmen, town managers, and town counsels and city solicitors. We specialize in helping them identify impacts and negotiate with developers for mitigation that is fair, reasonable, and directly related to the project.

COG’s fiscal and economic impact studies are precise, well documented, and complete. We base our impact projections on extended trends studies, which means that we construct a financial, operational, and demographic history of the community in order make near- and longer-term impact estimates. As part of this process, we also consult with town staff and officials, thereby ensuring that our analysis is rooted not only in statistics but also the operating realities of each community.

COG is renowned for our skillful approach to demographic analysis and population projections. We make competent use of public use microdata samples from the Bureau of the Census, and population, social, housing, business, employment, and other data from a variety of federal and state agencies and proprietary sources. In addition, we subject our findings to a “reality check” by obtaining, analyzing, and mapping local census and fiscal data, using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. Some examples of the types of GIS analysis we do to test and corroborate our impact assessments are:

  • Geocoding and mapping of public safety incidents (police, fire, emergency medical) by type, and response times
  • Mapping demographic data and school-age population data by neighborhood
  • Analyzing, geocoding, and mapping business data by business type (using North American Industry Classification System codes), with retail trade area overlays