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COG specializes in municipal planning services. Our award-winning comprehensive plans speak to COG’s expertise in all aspects of community planning: citizen participation, natural and cultural resources assessment, land use analysis, housing and economic development, open space planning, and capital improvements to meet a community’s future growth needs. We also provide zoning services, from zoning diagnostics and recodification to comprehensive revisions that implement a new master plan.

COG’s planning work is renowned for the originality and quality that we bring to the field. We have exceptionally strong skills in public participation, including design and facilitation of visioning and other planning events, community outreach, conflict resolution, and consensus building. With our in-house GIS expertise, we offer advanced data analysis and mapping capabilities that enrich both the planning process and our work products. And unlike most planning firms, we begin planning for implementation at the outset of our projects, not at the end. As a result, we offer our clients plans with a high probability of success, with strategies and actions tailored to the unique conditions in each community.

COG’s hands-on knowledge of local government is a critical element of our success as planners. Our work in community development makes us keenly alert to the realities of local capacity and the challenges communities face as they juggle competing agendas and needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and work with the political culture of each community that hires us.