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COG works with Ware on Property Assessment and Re-Use Planning Project5/1/2013

The Town of Ware has hired Community Opportunities Group to undertake a comprehensive property assessment and re-use planning project within the municipality’s CDBG Target Area.

COG is working with the Town’s Director of Planning & Community Development and regional planning commission to assess 30 to 50 “distressed” properties and formulate recommendations for their re-use. The Project originated through the Ware Community Development Authority’s (CDA) frustration at the continuing problems in certain neighborhoods, particularly within the downtown core, including blighted conditions of private property. Based on programs observed in other communities, the CDA wanted to go back into these neighborhoods to figure out constructive ways to get these distressed properties out of their current condition – whether by demolition necessitated by years of neglect or by rehabilitation.

COG will identify and assess these distressed properties, notably those which are abandoned, vacant, spot blight, and/or a foreclosed property. After determining site restrictions/limitations, building condition and restoration/rehabilitation cost, re-use recommendations will be developed for each site. An ad hoc advisory committee consisting of key partners in the community will assist in the identification of financing strategies and programs for redevelopment. Upon completion of the plan and final report, the town can move towards formal implementation of the agreed upon recommendations.

For additional information on this project, please contact Peter Sanborn or Michael Pingpank in COG’s Boston office.

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