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Community DevelopmentAffordable Housing Services

While we have expertise in many areas, supporting the development of affordable housing has always been at the core of our practice.

Housing Rehabilitation Program Services: As part of its ongoing, regular community development services to municipal grantees, COG provides the range of services associated with operating CDBG- and HOME-funded housing rehabilitation. In addition to serving as grant and program administrators, COG provides Construction/Housing Rehabilitation Specialist (C/HRS) services. COG’s specialists are highly competent professionals with combined experience of nearly fifty years, including nearly thirty-five years as C/HRSs. COG’s Specialists have been involved in the rehabilitation of more than 1,000 housing units in dozens of communities in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Monitoring of Affordable Housing Developments: COG serves as monitoring agents for affordable housing developments, verifying compliance with state and local regulations. Also, we have assisted he Scituate Affordable Housing Trust in developing an affordable housing marketing plan and supported the Trust in marketing and in conducting a lottery for homeownership units.

Planning Services: COG’s staff have prepared numerous types of plans to address the needs for affordable housing, including DHCD Housing Production Plans, Consolidated Plans, housing elements of comprehensive/master plans, and housing program and policy assessments. We provide physical assessments, market analysis and impact assessments, and zoning analysis and revision services, to help communities develop and carry out realistic strategies for creating and preserving affordable housing. COG has an excellent track record working with local officials, property owners and neighborhood residents to develop zoning that responds to a community’s vision of itself. In support of that effort, we create interesting, visually engaging public presentation materials in a variety of formats, and we offer Geographic Information System (GIS) services to help communities visualize the results of land use and zoning policy decisions.